Wellington and Me

Wellington and Me
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Replacing the old box tv in my RV with a 39" led - cabinet conversion

It took most of a day but here's how it was done.

Removed the old box tv by taking off the front bezel, removing wood stays and lifting (ugh) out the tv. 

Had a piece of plywood cut to fit on back side of the bezel and reattach the bezel with hinges and safety hooks snout can open for cable access and even some storage behind. 

Purchase and attach a tv wall mount arm son the tv can be swung out to access the component cabinets behind. When on the road I'll probably need to bungy the tv to help keeping it stationary and not bouncing too much. 

Wire the existing surround speakers to the new Yamaha receiver and attach components such as blue ray. 

Power it all up!  

HUGE thanks to Marty who helped me all day today on this. Hugs!!

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