Wellington and Me

Wellington and Me
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to cardio in your RV

Going full time in my RV meant I had to keep up my workouts. I was diagnosed with diabetes this past year and starting my day on my walking desk treadmill each morning, working my morning emails and issues while working up a sweat is obviously important to my health and has been the one way I know that works for me to maintain good healthy exercise.  So how to do this in my new rolling home?!?

Formerly I had a great treadmill from Treaddesk.com but it was too big and heavy for the rv. It didn't fold up or hide away. So I had to sell that and I went on a search for a sturdy yet compact option. 

In my Pace Arrow there was a recliner rocker chair that was just to the right as you entered through the side door and just behind the passenger seat. I removed that chair to storage. I wanted a seating position there so I found some replacement feet for my red office chair that I love to replace the wheels (don't want it rolling around while driving). I measure the chair space and the found a folding treadmill that was very sturdy and with a big enough tread for my stride. It fits the space and folds upright with a single pull of a pin. It's perfect. 

It has an armature that also folds but I need to have a speaker moved before I'll be able to do that regularly. For now the arms are not a big deal. 

In rigged up a shelf on the arms to hold my laptop so I can work will walking. 

Presenting my treadmill in my RV!!

Folded up with chair in front:

Chair moved:

Tread folded down into walking position;

Shelf into position holding my laptop:

Anyone for a stroll?

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