Wellington and Me

Wellington and Me
My rolling home!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A whole new world!

I sold my cute house in north Portland Oregon and have embarked on a new journey as a brand new full time RV'er!  

House expenses, utilities and related costs were eating up my income and I identified that travel was a priority for my life, both in the US and overseas. Those expenses were preventing me doing the things I wanted to do. After the market returned to a place where I could sell my house and pay off the mortgage and walk away with some cash I started considering options. With a job that can be done remotely with a very understanding and supportive boss, and with the opportunity of opening up to more theatre work by having more mobility, not to mention my innate sense of adventure and making less common choices, full timing fit the bill. 

After the decision was made the universe really stepped up and conspired to make it all happen quickly and smoothly. My house sold to the first showing. I found my dream coach in my price range and a great dealer to work with. People stepped in to buy all my stuff that I would not need. It has been incredible. 

In a matter of months I'm now living in my 2003 Fleetwood Pace Arrow, lovingly named "Wellington," with my two adorable pugs Max and Myko. They are loving walking around the RV parks, visiting other rv'ers... Speaking of, it's like a big extended family as well. Smiling faces, friendly greetings. My neighbor last night was playing Irish jigs on his flute outside my window as I worked. Beautiful. 

Myko max and I enjoyed the late evening outside on a gorgeous June night. More adventures to come!!

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  1. ;o) Happy trails out on the open road Mr. Spike. Take care of him Max and Myko ;o).