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Wellington and Me
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

How to bath your dogs in an RV ?

Well. Twice I've tried kneeling in front of my step-in shower putting a pug inside and soaping them up. Trouble is that they move around too much and I'm leaning over to reach them leaving me with a sore back, sore knees, a grumpy attitude and unhappy pugs. 

Solution?  The booster dog bath tub!  

Here's Myko modeling he and Max's new fashion forward, Jetsons-inspired, bathing apparatus. 

It elevates them to standing height. Easy to move around them. Has three point leash attachment to keep them secure. A drain with hose so you can direct the run off. Even padded non skid floor and a shampoo holder!  

My RV, like most, has an external hot and cold water faucet with hose and sprayer. So I can bath them outside or if weather is bad I think this would even fit inside my shower. 

Legs detach and store inside and it fits easily in my RV storage compartment. 


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  1. Update! While I love the bathtub, it really only works best on warm sunny days. I've actually moved to bathing my two little guys in the large side of my kitchen sink lately. (DUH!)... not sure why I hadn't tried this before. Working great. I put a small towel in the bottom of the sink so they don't slip around so much, and then bath away.