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Wellington and Me
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Could full-time RV living be better for the environment?

So, I've been around a few RV parks, met and observed RV'ers, and gotten more into the groove with my own rhythm and fallen into a routine of living in my RV.

I seem to be noticing more about things related to resources and impact on the surroundings.

With the compact nature of this lifestyle, it becomes very obvious how much trash you're generating, and how much is being recycled versus thrown into trash.

Since you have to stay aware of your black tank (sewage) and it's generally a good idea to use the grey water tank to flush things out as you empty the black tank, it makes you aware of how much water you're going through as well. 

The furnace and hot water system use liquid propane which I monitor and have refilled as needed.  So again this keeps me keenly aware of my usage of these resources, and I'm heating a far smaller space than my former home, and my hot water is on demand. It is heated only when I use hot water.

Walking the dogs a few times a day and seeing others out walking their dogs, cleaning up after them, being respectful of other RV'ers in the camp ground or RV park... General awareness of your neighbors and the camaraderie that comes with it. 

All of these details seem to just bring me, at least, more in tune with my impact on the environment, on the park or campground, on my neighbors.  So far everyone seems very respectful and friendly.  Waving from their car, saying hello walking around.  It's a great feeling and a lifestyle I'm really loving.

Now I'm sure some are thinking about the fuel an RV consumes, but if you think about it my 2003 RV only came to me with 26k miles on it.  That's far less miles and therefore consumption than a car on the road.  That's also instead of me living in a brick&mortar home with water run off, gas and electric and other carbon footprint items. 

Just something that I've been thinking about...

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