Wellington and Me

Wellington and Me
My rolling home!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Things I'm enjoying NOT doing as a full time RV'er

Ah RV living... as I walked Max and Myko around the RV park this beautiful Saturday morning, here's some of the things I remembered that I'm NOT doing...

1) Weeding the flower beds
2) Vacuuming and dusting 1250 square feet of house
3) Cleaning 2 full bathrooms
4) Paying sizable bills for garbage, water/sewer, natural gas, electricity, lawn maintenance, cable internet, alarm system (and related phone line and police registration)
5) Paying on the loan for the new roof I had to put on the house
6) Paying mortgages
7) Paying property taxes
8) Fence repairs
9) Watching all my income go to bills
10) Wishing I could travel more, but knowing I couldn't really afford it
11) Comcast!

I'm sure there are more I'll remember later...  For those of you who are also full time RV'ers, what are some other things you're enjoying NOT doing now?